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Our Mission

The mission of DailySource is to provide high quality news and information from hundreds of sources across the Internet that helps the public to more effectively utilize their time, money and power to benefit themselves, our country and our world.

Our highly-qualified editors search leading news sites around the world daily to bring you the best in news, columns, features, editorials, photos, videos, and more in a clean format with no advertising. Our quality is unrivaled.

DailySource is an independent IRS-approved 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization. To read more about the team that brings you DailySource, click here.

The Broader Context   

With an economy that is more than one third of the world’s total economic production and a military whose budget is as large as the rest of the world’s combined, the United States is in a unique position to do very well for itself and to help others throughout the world.

The results of America’s efforts have been poor for the average American and for the world. Of the 30 industrialized countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), on a per person basis, the United States ranks only seventh in literacy for 15 year olds, is below the top ten in mathematics (fails even to meet the OECD average), has the lowest voter turnout and is the most miserly aid donor both in government aid and also when private donations are factored in.

At the same time, the U.S. has the largest per capita carbon dioxide emissions, the largest per capita energy consumption, the largest per person waste generation, the highest civilian gun deaths per capita, the most obese population per capita, the most reported rapes per capita, the largest prison population per capita, the greatest income gap, plus the highest per capita rates of homelessness, relative poverty, teen suicide and school shootings.

The situation has been worse for most other people in the world.  Currently over two billion people (a third of the world’s population) are trying to live on only $2 a day.  Hunger kills 13,500 children a day, and over 28,000 people a day (about 10 times the number who died in 9-11) die of easily preventable causes such as malnutrition and lack of clean water.  There are huge numbers of people who lack basic necessities like clothing, electricity, shelter and immunizations for their children.

While many things will need to occur for our country and the world to improve, a core component must be the presentation of high quality, accurate and intelligent information to the public.

The problem is that when choosing what to do with their individual and collective wealth and power, Americans rely on a media that produces sensationalistic stories on a regular basis, publishes inaccuracies at an alarming rate and is more focused on giant profit margins than on serving the public. The media today more often than not fails to produce articles with in-depth context and analysis. It emphasizes materialism far more than helping others and is fearful of publishing stories its advertisers will not like.

The magnitude and extent of the decline of journalism over the last approximately 15 years is laid out in detail in Current Problems in the Media.

Where We Come In     

DailySource is an important contributor in solving the problems facing our country and world by becoming the central resource on the Internet for intelligent, factual and accurate reporting.

Whereas almost all publications rely on a small under-trained staff to produce a small number of stories of inconsistent quality, DailySource is able to choose from all stories on the Internet. We present the public with high caliber information, news and analysis that has been chosen from over a thousand publications and is centralized in one site.

To read more reasons why our articles are of higher quality than any other site on the Internet, click here.  To see the criteria we use to choose articles for DailySource, click here.

The site is designed to give the public the information they need to make solid decisions about what policies to support, to become more aware of key trends affecting the world, to find spiritual, recreational and cultural opportunities for themselves, to choose how to best spend their money, to learn about beneficial health news and more.

The Internet is fast becoming the leading place for people to get their news.  Read more about the growing impact of Internet news by clicking here.

In addition to offering the highest quality news on the Internet, DailySource also has exciting, easy-to-use links and features that allow seamless contact with members of the media and elected officials, information on over 850,000 nonprofits one can donate to or volunteer for, and discussion forums.

Visitors can also create virtual shopping carts of news stories to later download or email to friends.

Visually appealing, DailySource is easy to navigate and use. It is a model for high quality reporting and editing, plus it is a place journalists can use for story ideas, learn breaking news and read about key trends.

DailySource is supported almost entirely by grants from foundations and donations from individuals, freeing it from dependency on advertisers or corporate offices.

We aim to post articles that offer varying perspectives and solutions, and to also regularly include stories of progress, hope and inspiration.

You can read more about the benefits the site will provide here.

We Need Your Support    

The key building blocks to produce DailySource are set. We have developed an insightful, useful and visually appealing website that runs on incredible technology. We have a strong name, a comprehensive, intelligent business plan and an innovative, multifaceted marketing strategy.

We are poised to make a huge difference in the world.

Financial support to run the site on a daily basis and to publicize our existence is what we need now. Please make a tax-deductible donation by credit card or electronic check today.  Also, please help us spread the word by telling your friends and colleagues about the site.

If you are interested, you can also express interest in volunteering. For more ways you can help, click here.

Thank you for your support in getting this off the ground with us.

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